EngSub【After Love 후애-Choi Jin Hyuk。ERCP-Reply With Songs Concert】

EngSub【후애 After Love 後愛。최진혁 Choi Jin Hyuk 崔振赫】

20140507 ERCP-Reply With Song Concert CJH Singing Cut

Original Title: 후애 After Love 後愛

Original Singer: M.N.J

Fr. OST of SBS 2002 Drama “Age of Innocence 純真年代” 

* Cr.CJEntertainment

* Translation: Booha/Soompi  

* Production: PolarisCat

* Re-upload is prohibited, sharing please Credit.

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just some thoughts

It’s 3.12am and some random thoughts came to me..

since it was reading week this week, all i did was study the entire week
oh other than monday.
it always wonder me how 2 person can get together for a long period of time. many people did tell me i should find some other person or, i deserve better.. but oh wells, i was stubborn and went according to my feelings at the end. after communication, ups and downs, being through so many things and for a long time, i think I’ve learnt some precious lessons. Though sometimes i will get jealous, he will too and of course reading into each other actions and words and mind games etc etc, all these will diminish as time pass. there are many times i would wonder what is he up to currently? Am i good enough? all these question don’t mean that much to me anymore, somethings are just fated. i have a long way to go though.. my jealous tendency are really hard to fix but well, I’m trying my best. they say people tend to like each other more as a r/s progresses. yup maybe it does.. at least for us.. i may not show it off to everyone with the pictures and all but well, we know it is and that’s all that matters

over and out

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Clear your mind here


Clear your mind here

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i used to really enjoy times i had when both my parents were overseas
but NO
is it my age or what?
being in charge of my brother and bobo and my maid and everything
no fun
can be
very very very
fed up
when no one listens to you

i can’t believe I’m missing my mum’s never-talk-back-to-me attitude.
where is she :’(

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